Lussuria - A  private members club.

Lussuria is one of Asia’s most exclusive libertine clubs. We offer our patrons the strictest confidentiality and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Founded by a woman for women the club promises a safe environment for the fairer gender.

We provide our members with creative and culturally rich programs in a safe and comfortable environment. Our members can explore their deepest desires while meeting a range of international select, cool, interesting open-minded people.

Who can join?

To join our exclusive libertine club you first need to submit our application form. Lussuria has strict admittance criteria for accepting new members.

All memberships are re-evaluated after one year whether free or paid and are not automatically renewed. For this year, we have a maximum intake of 150 members for the more exclusive Aereus level membership. This quota is revised every year. Please read our Policy and Code of Conduct to find out how renewals are treated and Membership Types to find out more about our levels.

Membership is not guaranteed. Each application is reviewed by our Vizier Counsel and requires a two-thirds majority vote of approval.

What to expect.

Those individuals accepted into our club are greeted warmly. With our Black Tie Erotic Masquerades, Special Fantasy Gatherings, Pool Celebrations, Lifestyle Learning Journeys and International Retreats we provide you with a new, refined sense of eroticism and sensuality dictated by our Philosophy.

Ladies come first

All our events are designed with the feminine in mind where the lady comes first, always front and centre of the focus by prioritising her safety and pleasure. Each Lussuria event is designed to be an immersive experience of fantasy and exploration designed to elevate the woman but still on a respectful and equal footing as her male counterpart, thus creating a harmonious balance as envisaged in ancient scriptures.

We invite you to read about the Lussuria Philosophy to make sure we are a fit for you.

The Founder.

Known as Hathor, she is inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddess known for her sensuality. Hathor is the visionary behind Lussuria, advocating for the freedom of women to openly express their innermost desires without fear of criticism. In creating Lussuria, she aimed to provide a space distinct from the predominantly male-centric lifestyle scene in South East Asia.